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“Marina Robb has a vast and deep knowledge of the outdoor world. Her enthusiasm is catching as she is such a skilled and passionate teacher. If you have a chance to learn from Marina - take it! She is a wonderful teacher”

Charlotte Savins, Psychotherapist and Play Therapist

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The Forest School Activities Training

Our foundation training course comes with lifetime access to over 100 step by step inspirational videos and resources. Designed for teachers and practitioners. Single modules are £49.99 +vat or save £100 when you buy the 8 module bundle

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Change the Dynamic

Great children’s counsellors achieve amazing results for their patients. It’s an admirable balancing act; combining the need for a relaxed, approachable relationship, and the serious work of looking after someone’s mental health.

The Outdoor Teacher hosts a range of resources to help experienced mental health and wellbeing practitioners harness the healing power of nature in a safe and secure environment. 

Our accessible training modules and templates will support you with nature-informed approaches to introduce wide-ranging conversations around personal and emotional development. We also provide all the tools necessary to manage risk and compliance with confidence.

Read our case study on Green Intervention and Dementia

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Kathy Morris
Kathy Morris

NHS Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

"I believe that being outdoors and exposed to the natural world has a fundamental positive impact on a person's good health and wellbeing. I've always enjoyed foraging and this course, which is delivered in a really accessible way, has rekindled that enthusiasm. I've discovered new ways to use plants and new recipes. I can't wait to try them out!"

Paul Stanford
Paul Stanford

Paediatric Occupational Therapist

"Enabling young people to experience the natural environment is so important for their health and well-being. Marina brings together the skills, knowledge and passion to do just that. The Cooking with Fire Module activities are adaptable to meet the different needs of different people with the focus on having fun, being together, building skills and keeping safe. Essential learning. Shared activities and learning in a natural environment breaks down barriers, brings people together and gives meaning and purpose to a person's experience. Marina shows you how it's done and also encourages you to find your own way. To learn how to "be" with nature is a wonderful thing. The cooking module is fantastic. Practical, adaptable, fun and safe. It also leaves you feeling very hungry!"

Kate Macairt
Kate Macairt

Play Therapy Trainer

"This module is full of innovative ideas for utilising natural materials for creative fun! Marina describes each process with clarity and it is easy to follow the instructions. There is a welcome diversity of materials and outcomes which will inspire young and old."

Sample Lessons from the Forest School Activities Online Course

Using Knives

In this lesson you will learn how to use secateurs and knives for some simple whittling. We will take another look at the ratios you may need to think about when using knives and other tools with children as well as revisiting some typical woods for whittling. We will also show you some clips from our ‘knife protocol’.

Fox Walking Game

Many of the games we enjoy enable a group to develop their natural senses and begin to increase their self and nature awareness. Fox walking, a way of walking that derives from watching and learning from predators like the fox, provides a skill to walk slowly and quietly through the woods.

How to make a Wooden Mallet

This activity teaches many useful skills from using the saw to knife work. It can be done with all ages, as long as we apply the different methods of using tools from the other videos.

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